5 Reasons Why Not To Consider Off-Site Parking Lots

Don’t off-site parking services seem too much for you? Why spend extra bucks just for a RESERVED parking space? It only relieves a little stress. And all the hassles that are encountered at airports are more than bearable. Are they not?

So here are five reasons why one should not consider airport parking services.


 Okay, so the rates are low. Quite lower than the valet service at airports. The operators will store your car for weeks even and give you deals, packages, coupons and discounts to make the rates drop even lower.

Personal Valet Service


A valet services. So, what’s good about that? There will be staff members who will take your car keys, park your car after you have given your credentials to the operator, and carry your luggage for you till you exit the shuttle service.

They even drop you at your terminal and save you from hovering around the entire airport looking for your flight entrance. Everything will be relaxing and trouble-free.

But nobody needs extra help do they?


 So, they say that the process is easy. It’s as simple as opening your computer, opening a few windows and pressing a few clicks. That’s all you need and your parking spot is reserved.

Moreover, the off-site parking spot is a few miles away from the airport to reduce traffic congestion. So, everything will be swiftly done there as well. The staff members are friendly and efficient while traditional parking services at airports may seem like a drag as the process may take a bit longer.

Being apart from the airport also means that your car is focused on properly. Some well-developed off-site companies like Park and Fly have automated system.

Well this still doesn’t seem worth extra bucks though.


 Park and fly for example, uses an automated system and various security systems such as CCTV cameras, and patrols by qualified staff. CCTV’s cameras are available to watch your car 24/7, fence all around the location for more security.


Market forces have forced lots such as Ajax Parking Us to invest in quality security systems such as 24-hour monitoring.

YEAH, but aren’t the neighbors’ or your friend’s place safer to park?

Off-site Parking Doesn’t save time


The parking lots are easy to get in, often easier than the terminal. There are dedicated shuttles that run from the lots to the terminals which pick and drop you off right at your car. The entire process seems to save time as well as it is quick and efficient.

You will not have to drive in circles to find a parking space and park strategically to prevent dents, get stuck in traffic jams, have trouble finding your terminal, find luggage trollies then load them and THEN push them till the boarding area.

But still, isn’t reserving a parking space a waste of time?


 So, I guess it is pretty clear then. Off-site parking should not be considered.

IT IS TOO GOOD FOR US! A stress-free, comfortable, lavish trip will be ensured.


Heathrow Airport in Facts and Figures

Heathrow Airport

Some wonderful and cool facts and figures of Heathrow airport are described here.

Heathrow is the largest two run way airport in the world. It is the busiest airport from UK. We are going to describe in facts and figures in this article today.

A few days before we have discussed about the dignified History of Heathrow airport, now we are explaining some facts and figure about Heathrow.

How many airlines operates from Heathrow airport London

The airlines that use Heathrow airport for flight operations are 80.

How many destinations are served from Heathrow

Do you want to know, how many air destinations are covered for air travel from Heathrow. 185 number of cities from 84 countries of the have flights from Heathrow airport.

Names of cities having most flight from Heathrow

650 flights are operated daily at Heathrow. Some cities around the globe have more number of flights from Heathrow. These cities are following:

New York, USA

Dubai, UAE

Dublin, Ireland

Hong Kong, China

Frankfurt, Germany

What is total area Covered by Heathrow

The area covered by Heathrow id 1227 hectares. (4.737473 square miles or 12.27 kilo meters).

How many runways are there at Heathrow

There are two numbers of runways at Heathrow. Heathrow is the world largest two runway airport.

One runway is called Southern run way which is 3658 meters long and 50 meters in width.

Heathrow Runways
Heathrow Runways

Second runway is called the Northern runway which is 3902 meters in length and 50 meters in width.

What is the air transport movement volume at Heathrow

474,102 is the total airport transport volume at Heathrow for year 2015.

In the year 2015 the daily average transport was 1300.

What is capacity of aircraft stands at Heathrow

An air bridge can serve stand for 125 planes at a time at Heathrow. There are 40 out located stands for Heathrow works remotely. Cargo stands count is 12.

What is the cargo volume of traffic yearly at Heathrow?

In the year 2015, 1,591,642 tons were operated through Heathrow.

Source:  Wikipedia

What is the number of passengers arriving and departing daily from Heathrow

There are 201,000 air travellers use Heathrow for their air travel.

What are the Terminals names at Heathrow and their covered area

There are following 5 terminals at Heathrow. Terminal 1 is closed for rebuild purpose now a days.

Terminal 1

74601 meters

Terminal 2

40,000 meters

Terminal 3

98,962 meters

Terminal 4

105,481 meters

Terminal 5

353,020 meters

What are the parking facilities at Heathrow airport

As you have read above Heathrow serve an immense amount of travellers on daily basis. Heathrow airport authorities have made good efforts to comfort passengers with maximum facilities. Many type of car parking services are provided at Heathrow for each type of traveller’s need.

Car Park at Heathrow Airport
Car Park at Heathrow Airport

Long stay parking

Short Stay parking

Business Parking

Valet parking

Meet and Greet parking

Park and Ride parking

Parking system of Heathrow is operated through online. For purchasing and booking car parking at Heathrow here is an excellent price comparison of car parking options at all terminals of Heathrow airport.